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Our Vision

To drive the improvement of individual and population health nationally through interoperable health data networks.

CSRI supports the health data utility, a public-private resource that provides a source of truth for robust clinical and non-clinical data, which can be leveraged by state and other health care system stakeholders to achieve healthier communities. To that end, we have developed the CSRI Health Data Utility Maturity Model.

Our work supports the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) by aggregating and displaying a multistate COVID-19 public health dashboard that includes detailed data feeds on the following:

  • Vaccinations
  • Testing
  • Admissions, discharge, and transfer data
  • Lab results
  • Radiology images
  • Continuity-of-care documents

The multistate COVID-19 population health dashboard delivers real-time insight used by policymakers to identify key patterns and coordinate responses as COVID-19 cases spread.

CSRI member organizations deliver critical and timely services and data to support public health departments’ COVID-19 response through these activities:

  • Supporting test ordering and scheduling with state and county clinics
  • Identifying high-risk patients for outreach leveraging predictive analytics
  • Tracking and forecasting hospital bed capacity
  • Developing dashboards that bring together test result, mortality, and hospitalization data
  • Supporting contact tracing by matching test results with patient contact information
  • Developing alerts and reports for providers when their patients test positive for COVID-19

For activities such as advocacy, partnerships, and related activities.

Aine Cryts

Marketing/Public Relations Consultant, CSRI

For media inquiries.